Frequently Asked Questions ...and answers!

Questions About Booking & Services:

How much does a great DJ cost?
We’re proud to guarantee affordability. Most of our wedding quotes are between $900-$975, and our absolute maximum quote for our standard package is $999. How does it all break down? Here’s a list of services we offer, and what’s included in every package. Our quote for your wedding depends on a bunch of different things. Where is your event located? How many hours do you want us to play music? What day of the week are you planning on? For larger weddings, how many setups will we need? (ceremony venue and separate reception venue, etc.) All of these options factor into the total amount for your quote. Discounted rates are offered at non-peak times (like Sundays and during the winter months). We have options for every budget, and we’re ready to work with you right now. Contact us today for a completely free, no-obligation quote.
What are we really paying for?
When it comes right down to it… three things! First, our planning services that we’ll use before your wedding. If you book with us, we’ll get you a login to our client portal online, where we can plan everything from music, playlists, formal dances, bridal party introductions and more. We have a ton of ideas and suggestions in there to help you start thinking about music too. About 4-6 weeks before your wedding date, we’ll schedule a call to walk through every single detail of your wedding day, so the service that we provide is exactly what you want it to be.

Second, our industry-leading sound equipment and performance on your wedding day. We only bring the best speakers, mixers, computers and lighting (and backup equipment!) so we can party with the best sound experience. Everything will look and sound amazing at your wedding ceremony and reception.

And of course, our professionalism and music experience. You really can’t put a price tag on the experience that you need to make a great wedding reception a huge success. Not only do we have decades of experience with events and music selection, we always bring our A-game in every aspect of the services that we’ll provide for you. From planning the right order of music and events while we’re prepping your wedding, to mixing your favorite music together to keep the party going, to working with your venue staff throughout the whole process… you really want your wedding entertainment professionals to be pros, and we are!

Do you have a lot of experience with weddings and events?
Ryan Gavin is a professional broadcaster, and he has been doing events and weddings in New England for years. We also work with a network of broadcast and event professionals who have decades of experience as wedding DJs right here in Maine. Our DJs Ryan Gavin, Brian James, Dominic Lavoie and others have worked with hundreds of clients in every corner of the state, and all of our DJs are also experienced event emcees. In addition to providing wedding entertainment, Ryan and Brian have worked on the air at radio stations in Portland, Bangor and Presque Isle, and they can be heard on radio stations across the United States every day. We also host corporate, non-profit and charity events for organizations around New England, and we’re part of the team that produces Maine’s wedding shows each spring. We’re just about as experienced as you can get!
What makes you different from other DJs in Maine?
This is a great question, and you should ask each of the DJs you talk with to see what they say! Unlike most entertainment vendors in Maine, all of our DJs are full-time broadcast media and event professionals. That means we’re not part-time weekend DJs – we’re radio hosts, music directors, and broadcast personalities trusted by some of the biggest radio stations in Maine and around the country to entertain hundreds of thousands of people every day, and we’ve been trusted by hundreds of couples from every corner of Maine to provide perfectly-planned wedding entertainment since the 1990s. Read more about our award-winning team here!
How far will you travel for my event?
We can travel to locations anywhere in New England. Most of our DJs are based in the greater Portland, Maine area. Travel is also included in your quote, so unless you want us to fly overnight to an island somewhere, don’t worry about additional travel costs!
Will you come to our event in New Hampshire or Massachusetts?
Absolutely! We’re based in southern Maine, but we will travel to your wedding anywhere in New England, from the nutmeg state to the hills of “the county” all the way up in northern Maine. And don’t worry… we never charge extra for travel costs. Everything’s included in your quote.
When should we reserve a DJ?
As soon as possible! When you confirm the date of your wedding and secure a venue, it’s a good idea to book a DJ before you do anything else. We typically book events anywhere from 6-18 months in advance, but it’s never too late (or early) to call! Fridays and Saturdays during peak spring and summer months fill up fast, so don’t wait. Contact us today to get your quote!
What is the booking process? Can we meet before we agree on hiring you?
The booking process is easy, and we’re always happy to meet and talk about all your options before we agree on a contract. Part of our service includes providing unlimited consultations, phone calls, and planning sessions before your wedding day to make sure nothing is left to chance. To lock us in as your wedding entertainment, we need to have a signed agreement and a retainer to book the date. As soon as you know you want us on board, contact us and we’ll get the ball rolling!
We're still looking at a bunch of different DJs... will you hold the date for us?
Because wedding dates in Maine are incredibly popular, we have to operate on a first-come booking basis. That means that we can only reserve your date when we receive a signed agreement and retainer payment. We’re happy to meet with you and talk at length about your event before we agree on a contract, but we need an agreement to provide service for you in order to hold any date. When you’re sure that you want us on board, we can sign our agreement and process payment all electronically… so we can reserve your date immediately as soon as you’re ready to make it official!

Still have questions about how we book dates on a first-come basis? Please read our booking policies here.

Can we come and watch you perform at another wedding before we decide to book?
Absolutely not! (Unbelievably, people have actually asked us this.) Weddings can be very private events, and we will always respect your privacy and guest list. We would never allow an uninvited guest to attend your wedding to watch us perform. If you’re looking to see if we’re a good fit for your wedding, you can read a few of our dozens of reviews online, or watch a short video from one of our wedding receptions here.
How long should we book you for? Can you stay longer if the party isn't over at the agreed upon time?
We recommend a full 5-6 hours for most wedding receptions, but your timeline could be different based on what your needs are. We’re super flexible! Being rushed on your wedding day is the worst thing in the world, and receptions that run less than 5 hours can feel hurried. Generally, we can stay as long as you need us to, at an additional hourly rate. All of our reception packages start at 5 hours, and we’ll coordinate on all the details when you contact us.
Can we book the date now and choose specific package options later?
Absolutely! Popular wedding dates fill up fast, so if you want to book us, let’s do it as soon as you’re sure. Choosing the right package options can take some time, but you don’t want to lose your date. To lock us in, we ask for a signed agreement and a retainer fee to book the date. We can always choose specific package options and a make a final decision as we get closer to your wedding date.
Do you have different lighting options to choose from too?
We do! All of our packages come with a great light show for the dance floor, so we’re covered for dancing later in the evening. In addition to standard dance floor lighting, we also have responsive and uplighting options if you’d like to customize the look and feel of your venue for each part of the evening. Ask us about lighting options when we chat!

Can we change our minds about what kind of wedding package we want?
Generally, yes. If we’re already booked and confirmed but still more than one week away from your wedding, we can change your preferences and package options if necessary. Once we’re less than seven days from your wedding, our agreement is final and we’re ready to go!
Why is there an added cost to have sound in more than one location at my wedding?
Our quotes include five hours of reception service in one location, which is our most popular package. If you want us to set up in more than one location, you’re increasing the amount of equipment and set-up time we need to give you the best service. To provide sound in a second or third location at your venue, we need an additional sound setup, two additional speakers per location, another sound mixing console, etc. For each additional setup, we need to perform a second or third sound check, make sure all of the equipment is working the way you need it to, and then interface each sound location with our media network. Our quotes for a standard reception package include five hours of service in one location. Additional service options like ceremony service or multiple sound locations may increase your quote.
Do we pay extra for travel, set up time, and break down time? Are there any hidden fees?
Absolutely not. Our agreed-upon price includes planning, travel, setting up, breaking down, performance of services, and everything in between. We never have any hidden or additional costs, either. Unless you want to add additional services to our agreement, the price that we quoted you and the price we agreed on is always what you will pay.
Do you serve the LGBTQ Community?
Of course! We’re proud to serve the LGBTQ community in Maine and throughout New England. We know that working with terrific vendors is really important, and we’re also more than happy to recommend other great wedding pros like caterers, planners, and photographers who we know you’ll love working with.
The venue that we booked already has speakers available. Can you just use those instead of your equipment?
While this might seem like it would make things easier on your wedding day, it would actually complicate our setup process and music performance pretty significantly. Because we use top of the line, industry-standard equipment that we know will work at all of our events, we can’t guarantee that someone else’s equipment at your venue will work, or if it will work with our computers and mixers. We guarantee that our sound systems will always work, we know how to use them, and we carry backup systems with us just in case something breaks down. For all of these reasons, we just can’t be 100% sure that someone else’s equipment will work when we need it to on your wedding day, and we can’t provide quotes for just “music” service without our sound setups included as well. We always want to give you the best service that we can, and this is the only way to do it. If your venue is a performance space like a club or concert hall that requires us to use professional house sound, we still need to use our own mixers, control surfaces, computers, and planning time to provide the best service for your wedding. We also would need to coordinate with the audio technicians at your venue on connectivity and other logistical concerns. These are all good things to keep in mind when selecting a venue, as well as entertainment vendors like us!
Do you offer photo booths or other things like dance floors?
We’re audio professionals, and we focus entirely on the sound, flow and feel of your wedding. That lets us dedicate 100% of our attention and energy to the vibe of the party, which is where it should be! Operating a photo booth or setting up additional equipment takes a second person on-site, and sticking to music helps to keep our overall package costs down, which is a good thing.
How do we pay?
We’ll explain payment options when you contact us to book your date. Generally, a retainer of $350 is due when you reserve a date with us (more affordable than the industry-standard 50%), and that serves as a non-refundable deposit to lock us into your date. The remainder of your balance will be due one week prior to the day of our booked engagement, or you can choose to pay it all at once. We also have payment plan options if you’d like to pay in monthly installments. We accept multiple forms of payment, including checks, money orders, and major credit/debit cards securely online. We’ll answer any questions you have about payment when you contact us to reserve your date. Need to make a payment online? Access our payment page here.
Is there any fine print? What about the retainer?
Other than our affordability guarantee, there’s just one thing to keep in mind: Because DJs book so far in the future, all retainers are nonrefundable. This is standard practice in the entertainment industry, and we do it for your benefit and protection. A retainer ensures that we’re locked into your event, and guarantees our appearance at your wedding. By signing a contract with us and paying a retainer fee, we can’t cancel on you in favor of any other event. If you cancel your event within 180 days, a cancellation fee of 50% of the remaining balance will apply. If you cancel your event within 90 days, a cancellation fee of 100% of the remaining balance will apply. More information about our retainers will be in your contract, and we would be happy to discuss the specifics with you at any time. You can read our booking, reservation and payment policies in full here.

Questions About Music & Wedding Day:

What kind of music do you play?
The music that YOU want to hear! We have a huge music library with over 150,000 songs, so we can play top 40, country, rock and roll, alternative, oldies, classic hits, hip hop, rap… and the list goes on. All of our DJs can also accommodate specific requests before and during your event, but that’s totally up to you. We have the capability to find, download and play music wirelessly, so the answer is always “Yes, we have it!” We’ll work with you and your family before the wedding to plan perfect playlists and make sure we understand the “vibe” you’re going for at your wedding. You can have as much or as little control over the playlist as you want… the more input from you, the better! Want to upload a Spotify/Apple Music playlist for us to use? Great! We offer unlimited consultations and planning sessions before your wedding, so nothing is left to chance. When you book your date with us, we’ll provide you with access to our client portal, where you can browse our entire library and start planning musical selections ahead of time, all online.
Can you provide music and sound at my ceremony too?
Yes! We’re a full-service wedding vendor. In addition to providing entertainment at your reception, we’re also happy to provide music like preludes, processionals, and recessionals at your ceremony, as well as microphones and sound equipment for officiants and participants.
Can you also serve as an Emcee for my reception?
Yes – that’s a big part of our service. We can make announcements during your reception, serve as a master of ceremonies, and even help you plan the flow of your event ahead of time. We can make announcements paired with entry music, plan musical interludes and features during your program, and more. And best of all, it’s all included with your quote. When you book your date with us, we’ll work with you on details like how you’d like your bridal party to be introduced, what songs should be played at certain points during the reception, and how you would like us to manage the flow of your event. Every detail is totally customizable, and it’s all up to you!
Can you play music during the cocktail hour or during dinner?
Yes… That’s all part of our reception package! We have an extensive library of light background music, classical, jazz, and other traditional choices to provide background entertainment at certain points during your wedding or reception program. We can also play popular music, classic hits, genre-specific requests, and more!
Do you take requests for dancing?
Absolutely, but that decision is completely up to you. If you want your guests to be able to pick the music, we’ll gladly work requests into the playlist that you have selected, if they fit the “vibe” of the party that we’ve already planned with you. If you want to have total control over what is played, we will politely explain to your guests that music selections have already been made. We take care of music playlists before the big day on our client planning website, so there’s nothing to worry about.
What kind of equipment do you use? Is it reliable?
Absolutely. We use new, industry standard speakers, mixers and computers to deliver the best sound and a great experience for you and your guests. Wireless and corded microphones can also be used. And just in case something happens, we always have backup equipment on site, so the party doesn’t have to stop if something breaks. At minimum, we provide at least 4,000 watts of powered sound with either Bose, JBL or Mackie speakers, Behringer Xenyx digital consoles, Numark Mixtrack mixing boards, Sennheiser wireless microphones, and Chauvet digital lighting systems. We only use the best equipment at our events.
Does our package come with a light show for the dance floor?
Of course! We have several lighting options for different kinds of weddings and venues. For most wedding receptions and parties, we recommend our standard party lighting package to light up the dance floor, and that’s included in your quote. We also offer uplighting in your choice of colors, and bigger systems for larger venues. We’ll always make sure that the lights that we use fit the style of your event, and are the most appropriate for your venue.
How much time does it take to set up at the event?
In general, we will arrive 2-3 hours before start time to make sure everything is set up and working properly. We need access to the venue at least 90 minutes ahead of time at the absolute minimum, so keep that in mind if you’re renting a hall or reception area. We always want to make sure everything’s up and running correctly before the party or ceremony begins, so we can guarantee excellent service. We’ll go over all of these logistical details after we’re booked!
What do you need from us on the day of the event?
All we need is a 6′ banquet table (if your venue can provide one), access to at least one grounded power outlet at all sound locations (two is optimal), and if your event is outside, some sort of cover from weather (a tent, garage, roof, etc.) When you book us for your event, we’ll make sure we coordinate on every detail, so nothing is unexpected on the day of your wedding.
What will you wear to my event?
We always dress to impress! Unless you tell us otherwise, our dress for weddings is almost always business attire, so we can blend into the background of your dance floor photos. We want to fit in with your wedding! If you plan on requiring specific formal wear for your event, please let us know so we can make arrangements.
What if our DJ gets sick or has an emergency on the day of my wedding?
Even though we’ve never missed a single event in more than 10 years, we’ve got you covered. Our contract agreement has a clause that requires us to provide a solution for you in the unlikely event that your DJ is sick or has an emergency, at absolutely no additional cost. In fact, we’ll also refund you 50% of the total cost as liquidated damages if another DJ is required to appear. These details will be outlined in our contract. Because we work with a network of DJs right here in Maine, we’ll always have you covered on your wedding day, so don’t worry about that.
What if it rains on my wedding day?
You’re super lucky! (kidding!) We come prepared to provide service for you no matter the weather. If you’re forced to move your ceremony or any other part of your wedding inside because of the weather, we will still provide the same great service that you would have received outside. Because of the nature of our electronic equipment and the time that it takes to set up and perform the necessary tests and sound checks, we can’t set up equipment in the rain, even if it looks like it might clear up at a later time. We can only bring our sound equipment out into the open air without cover from weather if the forecast is completely clear.
What if we’re running late on our wedding day? Can you wait for us?
Of course! Here’s a little secret: most weddings run 15-45 minutes “behind schedule” on average, so just relax and let the day happen. We’ll be set and ready to go at the time we agreed upon to start, regardless of any other potential delays with your day. Our contract timeframe will always start at the time we agreed it would. If something happens that causes your ceremony or reception to be extremely delayed (more than 90 minutes), we ask that you let us know, and we can make arrangements to extend our engagement if necessary.
Do we need to provide you with a meal at our reception?
Many of our clients are gracious enough to provide us with a meal after all invited guests have been served. Between travel, setup time, your wedding events, breakdown, and travel back, we’re usually out for a 12-15 hour day, or even longer. While providing a meal isn’t usually part of our contract agreement, we greatly appreciate your consideration of our time and long work day.
Do we have to tip the DJ?
Some guests and clients will include a 10-20% gratuity for an excellent job, but it is not an expected part of our agreement. (We don’t use a tip jar for requests, either!) If you’d like to leave us a tip after your event, please visit our feedback page here.
What can we do to help you give us the best service on our wedding day?
One very simple thing… let’s stick to the plan! We try very hard to plan out every step of your wedding day, from the order of events to the music that you love. If you choose to utilize our planning services online (which we hope you do!) and work with us on a detailed plan, please inform your other vendors such as day-of planners and on-site coordinators that you have already set your preferences with your DJ. The only problems we encounter on your wedding day usually stem from other vendors or venue staff who might instruct us to do something that conflicts with the plan that you approved. When that happens, it puts us in a difficult position, and can cause confusion at your wedding, which is the last thing that we want to do. When we plan your order of events and music preferences, we’ll talk about what you’d like us to do if your wedding planner or a member of venue staff asks us to change your order of events, music, etc. (That happens more often than you’d think, due to timing issues, logistics, etc.) If you want us to treat a direction from your planner as a direction from you, we’ll do so, or we can politely inform them that you have already provided instructions. We also ask that you copy us on any emails or communications with your other vendors that refer to music, order of events, or announcements for the wedding. At most weddings, there’s no way to interrupt the day and ask the bride, groom, or senior members of the bridal party to deal with vendors, nor should that intrusion ever happen at your wedding. That’s why we try so hard to plan ahead! We can always avoid any issues that might arise by making sure that we have all of the information that we need (and always ask for!) before your wedding day, and by making it clear who has complete control over your schedule on your wedding day.

We’re happy to say that every single wedding that we’ve done in Maine has received way above-average reviews, and all of our clients are satisfied with the music that we play and the service we provide. To read some recent testimonials from happily married couples, click here!

Still have questions? Ask us here.

Read our Quote, Reservation & Payment Policies here.

When you contact us for a quote, we try to accurately predict your specific needs and requirements to provide a realistic cost estimate well in advance, so you can make the best decisions for your wedding. All our costs are up front, and we do NOT have any hidden or add-on fees or surcharges at any stage in the process. The price we agree upon is what you pay.

Ready to go? We can’t wait to start planning with you! Contact us today for your completely free, no-obligation quote.