COVID-19 Response – Please Consider Rescheduling

We’re still booking weddings for 2021 and 2022! We’re also working with all of our 2020 clients to rebook weddings impacted by the novel coronavirus to available dates ASAP.

Updated 4/1/2021 An important update about COVID-19:

Following the Governor’s Stay Healthy at Home order updated this month, we’re making the following changes to our event policies for 2021.

We have instituted the following policies and changes to our services to ensure the safety of our DJs and your guests:

  • Safety is incredibly important to us, and we’re also 100% committed to upholding our agreement for service at your event.
  • The Governor has limited all gatherings and events indoors until further notice, and all events outdoors, until further notice. These restrictions may be changed if conditions improve over the upcoming months.
  • As a licensed entertainment business here in Maine, we’re required to comply with these orders. We can’t and won’t make any exceptions to government orders.
  • If you’re planning on holding an event within a limited gathering window with less than the maximum number of people allowed, we will ask for safety guarantees and spacial accommodations to be able to safely provide service, and assess our ability to do so on a case-by-case basis.
  • Based on this new guidance, we will reschedule all Covid-19 impacted events at absolutely no additional cost to you. We’re going to waive all rebooking fees, and move our agreement in its entirety to an available rescheduled date. We also recommend that couples with weddings in the spring months think about a backup plan for rescheduling if that becomes necessary at a later date. Just as we’ve done for the last two months, we’ll stay on top of the latest orders, guidance and updates and keep you as informed as possible.
  • Please contact us ASAP at (207) 467-5924 to reschedule your event date if you are affected by this government order. As your venue staff and other vendors will likely tell you, please keep Friday and Sunday dates in mind to ensure that all parties are available for rescheduled service.
  • If you decline to reschedule with us on an available date, we will return any early payments you have made to your account balance and void our agreement. Because we’re offering to reschedule all events delayed by coronavirus at no additional cost, retainers remain nonrefundable. Retainers cover our booking process, communication with you and your planner/venue/vendors, and our lost business in turning away other potential clients after we booked your event.
  • We will constantly evaluate conditions here in Maine to determine whether to utilize Term 6 of our agreement. In more than 10 years of providing event entertainment, we’ve never canceled a single event, and we won’t do so this year unless we receive guidance from Maine CDC or the Governor’s Office that recommends against gatherings at the time of your wedding. We’ll remain in constant communication with you and your venue throughout this process, and we’ll wait as long as possible to make any decisions based on the latest conditions.
  • All contracted events scheduled during periods affected by “no gathering” or “limited gathering” orders issued by the Governor’s Office will be cancelled under Term 6 of our agreement or rescheduled to a new date as described above.
  • Starting immediately, we’re no longer allowing guests or venue staff to approach us behind our sound table during events. Depending on your venue layout, we may also require the use of an exterior tented sound location as our primary setup location and sound control point. (If this is required, we would provide the necessary equipment and additional setup logistical support.) In loud environments (like right next to our speakers during a wedding), people usually need to yell in close physical proximity to be heard over the noise. To prevent this type of close contact, we’ll be utilizing a physical barrier screen in front of our sound tables to keep guests in front of our table. As always, we’ll provide a method of communication for requests or messages that need to get passed to us. We will discuss this in more detail with you before your wedding date. If you plan to hold your wedding before large gatherings can safely be held, please be prepared to make accommodations for us up to and including physically-removed or remote service. We’re also encouraging our 2021 clients to consider hosting their events outside, in open air.
  • Starting immediately, we’re asking for access to event venues as far in advance of start time as possible to ensure that we can avoid unnecessary contact with guests and venue staff during our setup process.
  • Starting immediately, we’re asking couples, event planners and venue staff to consider (or reconsider) our placement on the floor plan for all events. In order to adequately separate our staff from your guests and avoid unnecessary interactions, we’re now asking for at least 40 square feet of floor space for our sound table and a physical barrier screen. We’re also asking that you place us in a corner without rear access, or in a similarly-situated location where we can avoid unnecessary interactions. Outdoor and open-air venues are ideal during this time.
  • Depending on your venue layout, we may ask for other accommodations, like placement away from your guests, consideration for moving outside, etc. These changes are totally up to you, but we aren’t willing to provide service in unsafe situations or overly-exposed scenarios, and we will utilize Term 6 of our agreement if the necessary accommodations can’t be made.
  • Due to sanitization issues, microphones may not be available for use by guests or persons other than your DJ.

Please let us know if you have any questions at all – we’re all navigating this together, and we’re really looking forward to another terrific wedding season in 2021.