Protecting Your Privacy | Information Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy is incredibly important to us.

When you contact Maine Made Weddings for a quote, or when you book us for your wedding, your contact information and wedding details are completely safe with us. We know how important information security is, and we value yours as much as we value our own. We safeguard your information from all third-party requests, including from other vendors and wedding marketers.

We won’t ever share your contact information, venue details, booking information, payment information, reservation details, or other personally identifiable information with anyone.

We do not share our current client lists or past client information with anyone, including other prospective clients looking for recommendations and reviews.

It’s hectic enough to plan a wedding without vendors selling your contact information to other “professionals” to hound you for “additional services.” We hate those unsolicited calls as much as you do, and that’s part of the reason for this policy.

What this means for you:

If you’re a current or former client, your information will never be given to any third party by Maine Made Weddings, even if you request for us to do so. All points of contact with other vendors, marketing services, venue professionals, etc., will originate with you, and you will communicate with us. While we’re happy to coordinate with your other wedding professionals and venue staff on the day of your event and immediately preceding it, we’re unable to provide them with your contact information, or speak on your behalf. This is for your protection just as much as it is for ours.

If you’re a prospective client looking to reserve our services, we are unable to provide you with the names or contact information of any of our current or former clients. If you’re looking for reviews and testimonials for our services, please click here. Our terms specifically prohibit us from providing contact information to you, and if you choose to engage our services for your wedding, you will be afforded that same protection.

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